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Lisa is well known for conducting engaging and authentic strategy sessions during which she appropriately challenges existing thoughts, actions and beliefs to help you identify alternative approaches and behaviors for success. Our coaching conversations deliver measurable goal setting, with well-defined accountabilities and action steps.   Lisa understands the incredible value to have a confidant and sounding board who understands top-tier corporate changes and challenges in an ever-growing competitive and profit-driven market. 

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Lisa Godfrey partners with executives and creatives who have a proven track record of success in their respective fields, who have a deep passion and commitment to take their visions to an entirely new level! Clients who work with Lisa can always expect the highest standards of confidentiality and discretion. 


“When I first met Lisa Godfrey, she was immediately helpful, bringing a tremendous amount of energy and insight to our business.  Lisa has an uncanny ability to zero in on the key issues, to analyze and to propose creative solutions. She is attuned to the full suite of demands and pressures a CEO is likely to face, which makes her extremely helpful as an inner circle thinking partner, confidant and problem solver.   Lisa has a unique way about her by bringing a perfect blend of compassion, intuition and absolute candor to a conversation.  Lisa produces powerful, thought-provoking questions even though the answers may be uncomfortable.  I highly recommend Lisa Godfrey as an executive-coach, confidant, thinking partner and problem solver.”

Alfred E. Brown, Ph.D. (Buz)

  • Entrepreneur and Scientist

  • Former President, BCM Technologies

  • Former Director, Yale University, Office of Cooperative Research

“Lisa is an insightful coach whose, gentle but probing style enables her client to take powerful steps in achieving their success.” 

Susan C. Hammond, CFO

  • scHammond Advisors

  • Consultant & Facilitator to small business, nonprofit & creatives

"Lisa has a wonderful capacity to take you right to the bottom line in a coaching conversation. She is warm and engaging while always being very aware of the nuances of what I am saying and what it really means to me." 

Sam Hull, CFP®, RLP ®

  • Principal, Northstar Financial Planning, Inc

“Lisa Godfrey is an excellent coach.  Her ability to listen, convey empathy and assist others is superlative.  She has personally coached me and has been able to help me with strong emotions, daunting tasks and incipient fears.  I cannot recommend her more highly."

Kerry Bennett, MD, MPH, FACS

  • St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, Assistant Director, Center for Breast Care

  • Assistant Professor, Tufts University Medical School